Tarsh Ashwin

I just counted and have 18 oracle decks in my collection. I haven’t touched them in almost a year.

It’s gotten me thinking… how many times I used to turn to the cards for answers to a question that I already intuitively knew.

How often I would take the guidance that served me… and fob off the guidance that didn’t.

Looking outside of myself for answers…

Putting my trust and faith in external signs from the universe… without realizing that every ounce of intuitive awareness is channeled THROUGH me and activated WITHIN me and each time I sought answers from someone or something external to me I was simply handing over my power.

Your ability to listen to what is unspoken and understand that YOU are your own oracle is paramount.

There is a part within you who knows EXACTLY what needs to be said and what action needs to be taken.

She doesn’t give a flying fuck if it offends. If it’s too much or to bold.

YOUR truth, YOUR message, channeled through YOU is what is needed now more than any other regurgitated new age bullshit that can be found in a card deck description.

Where we’re headed…? Nothing but your truest truth is gonna cut it anymore.

And you don’t find that in oracle decks.

You BECOME the oracle.



I’m calling in the high-caliber leaders and entrepreneurs who are ready to write, publish & launch their paradigm-shattering book.

Who are ready to undergo a profound journey to unleash your genius… channeled onto the pages… of your book.

Your legacy that will outlive you long after you’ve transitioned from this realm.

Part creative incubation, part business activation, by the end of the next 6 months you will have written, published and launched your book…

Fine tuned the entire back end of your business…

Gained more clarity on your message than you EVER dreamed possible…

And developed the energetic mastery required to acclimate to the massive up-level and visibility we will have generated.

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