FREE access to powerful and actionable live masterclasses by the authors of best-selling book – Wild Woman Rising: Brave Women Who Carved Their Own Path

We are living in a pivotal time in history.

Women all around the world are reclaiming their Inner Wild Woman. The part within that takes a fierce stand for creating the life that they deeply desire.

 In this summit you’ll learn from the women who have stepped fully into their personal and entrepreneurial power. These are the leaders who have listened to the whispers of their soul, carved their own path and are now facilitating life-changing, transformational results with their clients the world over.

 From healing your inner child and tapping into next-level self-care to growing your business the feminine way and accessing deeper states of creativity, we have you covered.

Arabella Morgan

Movement Manifestation Ritual – Connect & Embody your Quantum Expression

Camila Sunshine

Authentic Online Presence: Letting go of Imposter Syndrome

Deborah Quirke

Inspired Action. Turning your pain into power after an abortion

Debra Hicks

Life Choices

Donna Burrows

Your Journey to Self Love

Gabrielle Bailey

Tame Your Inner Critic with Love

Jennylee Taylor

Becoming whole and complete – Reclaiming your lost soul parts to transform your life

Jess Karnaghan 

Understanding the drama triangle – how to stop feeling like a rundown rescuer and enjoy a fulfilled and inspired life.

Jules Stone McLeod

Exiting the MATRIX- Breaking free from limitations to become your authentic self

Jo Martin

Intuitive Branding

Laura Elizabeth

Connecting with your cycles and rhythms

Leanne Clune

Conscious Cashflow

Lucy Whyte

Transitioning Change – Starting over with the courage and confidence to live your authentic life

Maaya Eagle

Clearing Trauma – A holistic approach to freeing the body and mind of the past

Maiya Kenny

Heal Your Inner Child

Mary Garishaa

Finding your Joy

Melinda Kalac

How Energy Hygiene Impacts Your Mental Health

Ramone Lewis

How to heal naturally from chronic illness, to expand your consciousness and awaken to life in all its glory

Sally Guthrie

What’s REALLY causing your exhuastion & the incessant second guessing you experience based on your impossibly high standards?

Sarah Bellorini

Victim to Visionary – Creating Your Life through the 7 Levels of Energy Leadership(TM)

Sarah Grace Knutson

Godess Codes for Soulful Mamas – Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Mother

Shannon Van Den Berg

Raise Your Voice

Tara-Lee Bagnall

It Starts with YOU!

Tarryn Reeves

The Power of Publishing

Tarsh Ashwin

Founder of Ashwin Publishing

April 14 – 28


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