Tarsh Ashwin

I attended the Luxury Influencer Symposium run by Business Bravery.

Oof! It was good. 

These guys support entrepreneurs to develop luxury offers – $100k, $250k, $1 mill+++ – for high net worth individuals.

One of the participants had a question for Kathryn, the CEO of BB.

‘How can I quickly generate the authority required to back up a $100k offer?’

Her response?

Write and leverage your book.

Channel the disruptive legacy that your company’s mission is rooted in into an outstanding book that does not hold back.

Be brave enough to have a message that cuts against the grain of traditional thought processes and boldly declare the vision that you stand for.

Books = instant authority.


With a book behind you, a whole world of opportunity opens up.

You can utilize it to massively ramp up your visibility by securing PR and media representation which will in turn boost authority and credibility.

You can use your book to attract and funnel the right kind of clients into your business vortex.

You can leverage your book to get speaking opportunities that place you directly in front of your ideal clients.

And you can use your book to generate the authority required to craft your luxury high-end offer (provided, of course, you’re also epic at what you do and can facilitate life-changing transformational results.)

Publishing solo books for incredible entrepreneurs, coaches and healers is the direction my publishing company is calling me to take. I’m incredibly excited to have 2 of these in the pipeline with amazing business women. (Watch this space!!)

What’s truly exciting though, is that my vision, which has been percolating for a few months now, for a (literally life and business changing) publishing, business coaching and PR service… has eventuated.

I’ve created a year long, bespoke transformational journey that will generate MEGA momentum and visibility for the entrepreneur who is ready to 10 x their profit and put their brand on the international stage.

Together, we will:

  • Strategize your book concept
  • Work with a book coach to ensure your book is written as powerfully as possible
  • Create the frameworks and systems that fully support the back-end of your business
  • Build your ascension ladder of offers
  • Finesse your high-end signature program
  • Activate your energetics and prime your mindset for multi 6 & 7 figure revenue
  • Design a book launch plan that brings MEGA momentum and visibility to your brand
  • Publish your book (developmental editing, formatting for kindle and paperback, you work with our brilliant designer on cover design, publish to Amazon and other sites, organize wholesale printing and distribution locally and internationally)
  • Work closely with an incredible PR specialist to build a 6 month campaign with consistent media representation in top tier publications to put you in front of your highest-level ideal client

And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

This is a 6 figure service and will best suit the entrepreneur who is already numerous cycles into her business, generates proven results, is making 20-30k/monthly and desires to cross the million dollar mark without burning out or sacrificing their health/sanity/relationships.

$10k direct to you if you refer.

To say I’m lit up about this is the UNDERSTATEMENT of the century and I’m officially calling in the perfect client. So excited to see who steps forward for this life-changing journey with me!

Now, whilst a solo book is the ideal, a multi-author book is an incredible way to get your proverbial feet wet in the world of publishing. I’ve had numerous clients decide to go forth and write their own book after the multi-author experience with Ashwin Publishing.

-We have two book & summit projects that we have officially opened expressions of interest for:

  • Business Alchemy: The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Monetizing Your Soul Work

This book & summit project is perfect for you if the work you do in your business supports entrepreneurs to grow their business and make more money. As an expertise-driven book, we are looking for specialists in the following areas to share their knowledge in this ‘how-to’ guide for the spiritual/soulful entrepreneur:

Business strategy, sales, branding, marketing, copywriting, money mindset, visibility, energetics, intuitive development, voice and self-expression, messaging, content creation, nervous system healing, human design/gene keys, packaging and course creation, high-end offers, launching, social media (Facebook, Instagram, clubhouse), soul mission and purpose, balancing masculine/feminine energy.

  • Unapologetic: Speak Your Truth, Claim Your Place

This book & summit project will be perfect for the healer/coach/mentor who stands powerfully in her feminine leadership and supports women to become unapologetically themselves.

You will have the opportunity to share your personal story and teach something powerful for your reader or offer a potent activation. Something that supports their journey to speak their truth and claim their place… unapologetically.


These projects are 6 month-long containers with me as your guide.

The magic that happens within them is difficult to articulate.

  • Yes, you will become a published author…
  • Yes, you will share your story and expertise with the world…
  • Yes, you will differentiate yourself in your niche and dramatically raise your authority…
  • Yes, you will likely raise your prices and call in higher-level clients…

But you will also experience a transformation that has the potential to change the trajectory of your business.

There is no playing small in my vortex and I combine 10 years of experience in the entrepreneurial space with potent business and marketing strategy, and powerful energetic and mindset activations to ensure you are optimally primed for this experience.

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