Tarsh Ashwin

Wild Woman Rising:
Brave Woman Who Carved Their Own Path


Ashwin Publishing’s first best-selling book, Wild
Woman Rising: Brave Women Who Carved
Their Own Path, was published in January 2021.
This book tells the inspiring stories of 27 brave
women who are listening to the whispers of their
heart and carving their own path in life.
These are the women who have alchemised
challenging life events, and created a life and
business from their soul work. They are staring
tradition in the eye and actively challenging the
status quo, whilst birthing a whole new way of living
and doing business.
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Wild Woman Rising: Summit Replay

The WWR Summit took place in March 2021. You can receive FREE access to powerful and actionable  masterclasses by the authors of best-selling book – Wild Woman Rising.


In this summit you’ll learn from the women who have stepped fully into their personal and entrepreneurial power. These are the leaders who have listened to the whispers of their soul, carved their own path and are now facilitating life-changing, transformational results with their clients the world over.
From healing your inner child and tapping into next-level self-care to growing your business the feminine way and accessing deeper states of creativity, we have you covered.

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