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It is no coincidence that you are alive at this precise point in history. The truth is that your journey has prepped and primed you for this very moment.

You are a Warrior of Light and a herald for The Great Awakening.

You are here to disrupt the system.

To shatter the fear paradigm.

To anchor the light.

To shift the consciousness of humanity as we converge at two very different timelines: 

The timeline of love and freedom – The Great Awakening.

The timeline of fear and slavery – The Great Reset.

This book shares transmissions and wisdom from starseeds, change-makers, visionaries, healers and disruptors who all have one thing in common – they are on a mission to shift the consciousness of the planet and change the world through their soul work.


This book & summit project will be perfect for the healer/coach/mentor who stands in their leadership and supports their client to stand firmly in their power.

You will have the opportunity to share your personal story, your vision for what’s possible for The Great Awakening, teach something powerful for your reader or offer a potent activation. Something that supports their journey to claim their sovereignty and stand up for what they believe in.


This project is a 6 month container that will support you to share your story in our book (bridging strategic and intuitive writing), create a post-launch promotions plan for your offers and learn how to utilize the momentum we will collectively create as a leverageable marketing tool to grow your business. 

The project is broken down into two parts – a published multi-author book (kindle and hardcover) and an international online summit. 

Part 1. Warriors of Light: Leaders Of The Great Awakening will be a professionally published and launched multi-author book for the conscious entrepreneur. When you enter this project, all you do is write your 3000 word chapter and bio and commit to sharing the book with your community. Ashwin Publishing takes care of the rest. You will be supported by high-touch

coaching and leadership to ensure you leverage the launch exposure optimally. You will also enter a powerful community containing your fellow co-authors who will become your cheer squad as you up level your visibility and profile in an exponential way.

Part 2. The Warriors Of Light Symposium is a 5 day summit that will showcase the authors of the book. Each author will get the opportunity to expound on their topic of choice in a 60 minute masterclass live-streamed all around the world. They will also have the opportunity to share an offer with the participants. This summit is designed to continue building momentum from the book launch. It will generate mass amounts of exposure and will be a powerful opportunity to position yourself as the go-to leader in your field, grow your list and connect with potential high-calibre clients.

This project is a 6 month long visibility incubator where you will not only co-create a book and summit, but will deepen clarity with your message, elevate your visibility and up-level your business, and step into greater confidence and authority. 

I hold an incredibly powerful and potent container and it is my mission to help you learn how to use your book as a powerful leverageable marketing tool.

 This project is for you if you desire to:

✔️ Spotlight your unique spiritual technology or modality

✔️ Touch, move and inspire others by sharing your story and message

✔️ Add bestselling author to your bio

✔️ Quickly and effectively raise your visibility whilst building authority

✔️ Become known as the go-to expert in your field and differentiate yourself in your niche

✔️ Connect and network with others in complimentary niches

✔️ Learn how to leverage exposure to get featured in the media, on podcasts and

✔️ Tap into high-level speaking and writing opportunities

There are strategy workshops that cover:

✔️ Uncovering the key themes in your message and practical tips on how to weave these through your chapter

✔️ How to write your chapter intuitively AND strategically to ensure you optimise exposure and attract high-level soul clients

 ✔️ Sacred Storytelling – how to harness the power of your personal journey to up-level connection and conversion with your audience

✔️ Priming Your Online Presence – ensure your online presence is appropriately branded across all platforms including your website and your message speaks to your highest-level client clearly and powerfully

 ✔️ Post launch promotions – what to offer your community so that you can ride the momentum of the launch optimally

✔️ Pitching to the Media and Publications – how to use the book launch to up-level your credibility and profile by pitching to local and international media and publications

✔️ Host Your Own Launch Party – I will guide you to create your own launch party that will both celebrate the book launch and position you as a true expert in your field





  • Guidance on how to write your 3000 word chapter and bio
  • 7 Pre-recorded strategy masterclasses to support your journey
  • Live fortnightly group calls covering hot-seat coaching, networking and storycrafting sessions 
  • Personalised chapter feedback from Tarsh
  • Grammatical editing of your chapter
  • Formatting for kindle and hardcover 
  • Stunning cover design
  • Publishing on Amazon
  • Private Facebook group with high-level mindset + energetic support
  • High-level marketing guidance and support
  • Promo pack and graphics to add to your website and socials
  • Summit set-up and facilitation, landing page, email sequence and facebook group support
  • Press release to announce the launch to local media outlets


VIP – $2997USD (8 Spots Available)


Includes all the above plus:

  • Author name on the front cover
  • Chapter positioned at the front of the book
  • 4000 words limit for your chapter
  • 2 x 90 minute 1:1 sessions with Tarsh to map out the high-level strategic overview of how to monetise your chapter and create a plan to flow from Exposure ➡️ Leads ➡️ Sales
    (Value: $1997)
  • Real time live launch + summit preparation coaching in VIP-only Voxer thread to support you in profiting in your business off the back of the launch and securing high-level media and publicity attention for brand exposure
  • PAY IN FULL BONUS: 1 x Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) Hypnotherapy session with Tarsh to re-wire any blocks to visibility, wealth and owning your power and potency as a leader
    (Value: $797)


Payment due upon approval of your application to secure your spot in the project.

Payment plans available

Please note: All proceeds of this book will go to a charity of the author’s choice. The intention of participating in this project is to rapidly increase your exposure and credibility, up-level the sales of your services and tap into high-level opportunities for

your business. The intention is not to make money from book sales.

There are no refunds for this project.

About Your Guide…

Tarsh is the CEO and Founder of Ashwin Publishing, USA Today bestselling author and 5 times Amazon bestselling author.

Publisher of ‘Wild Woman Rising‘, ‘Sacred Rebel, and ‘Unapologetic‘, she combines her experience as a business alchemist and energetic activator to support her authors to grow their business whilst sharing their message on the global stage.

Her clients are starseeds, changemakers and visionary entrepreneurs who remember the deepest truth of their soul mission and fully claim their role as light leader whilst guiding their community into The Great Awakening.

She believes in the incredible power of publishing to grow heart-centred businesses that are committed to effecting transformational global change.

Previous Books Published by Ashwin Publishing

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Wild Woman Rising:

Brave Women Who Carved Their Own Path

Sacred Rebel:
Women Who Dare To Disrupt

Unapologetic: Shedding Inauthenticity To Become Uniquely You

“Working with Tarsh was transformative and evolutionary for me and my business. Tarsh embodies a rare quality that makes you feel supported, mentored, and loved all at the same time. She knows her stuff and once you choose to work with her you choose to catapult into the stratosphere. My business has expanded exponentially as has my own growth. This entire process is hands down one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

Jules Stone McLeod

Universal Channel + Reiki Master

Early this year I put my hand up to have an experience that was on my to do list. To be an author. Oh wow! did not know the healing and transformation that would occur for me. Allowing yourself to be seen in a vulnerable way can be confronting, however Tarsh was there holding you in her amazing container. I felt heard, held and supported as I allowed a part of me to be seen and to expand into more of me. It was a life changing experience and if you are feeling the call, I highly recommend Tarsh as the guiding hand to take you on that journey.

Michelle Kali Devi

Business Energetics Specialist

“Working with Tarsh was an incredible experience. She enabled me to CLAIM my authority and truly embrace my soul purpose. Tarsh really is exceptional at what she does, She creates a transformational container to nurture you through the process. This experience has changed EVERYTHING. I have clients now drawn to me and my work. There’s alignment and this is just the beginning.”

Donna Burrows

Women's Empowerment Mentor

Writing my chapter in Sacred Rebel was a life changing experience for
me. It allowed me to reflect on my own journey, my values, refining the
message that I want to share with the world. Being able to say I am an international bestselling author took me to another level, personally and professionally.

I would have never attempted to write a book on my own but having worked
with Tarsh previously, I knew I was in good hands. She has a world of
knowledge, first-hand experience, a passion that is contagious, and a
gift for holding space. I felt supported having co-authors by my side
who went through similar roller coaster rides of emotions.

If ever you get a chance to work with Tarsh, don’t even hesitate, just
say yes! You won’t regret it.

Christine Martin

EFT/Tapping Practitioner + Counselor

“What a heartfelt, epic, transformative journey it has been working with Tarsh. It was more than I could ever anticipate and was one of the best experiences in my life. Tarsh’s business and personal development knowledge is top-level, I have grown as a woman AND in business, and I felt completely nurtured every step of the way. Being part of this container has aligned me to my soul mate clients and my business is thriving. I am beyond grateful.”

Tara-Lee Bagnall

Yoga, Meditation + Mindset Mentor

You really want to do something in your life and never quite have the courage to take that first step, or even know what that step is, and then someone knocks on your door…or sends you a message…and delivers it to you.

That was my experience of writing my chapter for Wild Woman Rising. Tarsh Ashwin ‘knocked’ on my door and said I’ll make it happen for you.

The dream of writing a book has been there for at least the last 10 years and kept alive each time someone asks me if I have a book or when it’s coming out. Different titles have floated in and out and are still waiting to be written, and they will now because thanks to Tarsh I have taken that first step and I know I can.

It’s hard to express my gratitude and admiration for this big-hearted, passionate, extremely savvy, trailblazing young woman. Young to me because she is my daughters’ age but ageless in her wisdom and courage.

Mary Girishaa

Ayurvedic Practitioner

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