Tarsh Ashwin


Let me introduce you to your Inner Sales Queen… She’s the one who calls to you to stand powerfully in your worth.

She has healed her money shame.
She is comfortable truly being seen.
She commands her voice powerfully.

She is the champion of your message and your mission.

She’s here to change the world… and she is waiting to be unleashed.

UNLEASH YOUR INNER SALES QUEEN was a free 5 day challenge I ran in my Facebook group The Business Alchemy Collective to help you call forth your Inner Sales Queen and activate her in your business.

If you:

– Are freaking amazing at what you do

– Deliver a life-changing, transformative service

– Shy away from sales

– Tone yourself down in your content for fear of appearing ‘too much’

– Haven’t yet truly honoured the value of your work

– Are ready to heal your relationship with money

– Know that it’s time to unleash your full entrepreneurial powerThen this 5-part video training will help you unleash your Inner Sales Queen, get out of your own way and prosper from your purpose.

Day 1: Integrating the Sales Shadow

Day 1 is all about diving deep into connecting with the Inner Sales Queen archetype and slaying the number 1 sales block – the Sales Shadow.

Clearing the Sales Shadow, I believe, is ESSENTIAL viewing for anyone in business. 

Your Sales Shadow will be the thing that prevents you feeling comfortable with sales. And if you’re in business and uncomfortable with sales… you’re not going to have a good time of it!

Enjoy and please let me know your thoughts and insights in the comments below.

The actual training kicks off 11 minutes in.

Day 2: Creating a new Sales Paradigm

Day 2 is all about activating the energy of your Inner Sales Queen and creating a new sales paradigm.

Through this powerful process, you will re-write your neurology around sales and money.

Your Sales Queen will expand your perception of what you believe is possible for your business, your income and your impact. 

Day 3: The ONE thing you MUST do to CLAIM your Sales Queen

Today we are taking strategic, aligned action. 

This is your opportunity to lean into courage and allow yourself to be seen. Without action, there will be no change.

If you feel resistance, get curious about it. We want to establish an open connection with our resistance habits, not push them into denial or make them a problem.

Your Sales Queen thrives when she is in action and she knows how to keep it light and pleasurable.

? She doesn’t shy away from her goals or her fears.
? She has honed the art of decisiveness.
? And she most certainly DOES NOT tone herself down.

Your Sales Queen is calling you to own your uniqueness. She activates your empowerment energy so that you can show up courageously in the face of fear.

Day 4: Unleashing Your Sales Queen’s SUPERPOWER

Your Sales Queen has a superpower that I’m going to reveal in this training.

This is a position of POWER.

You’ll also learn the 3 keys to release resistance to receiving riches. I usually save this for my VIP’s but if you’ve come this far you deserve to be rewarded! This missing piece changes everything

Day 5: Putting Your Sales Queen into ACTION

It’s time to bring it all together. 

This session includes live hot-seat coaching and masterminding.

We dive deep into implementing powerful strategy to increase your income AND impact. 

We also talk energetics and how to align your lower chakras for wealth, visibility and leadership.

You’ll leave this training with your Inner Sales Queen powerfully embodied so that you can elevate your business and share your soul work with the world.

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