Tarsh Ashwin

I’m so proud. This book is going to be INCREDIBLE and contains such amazing stories.

Every book we publish has its own energy (blended by the theme of the book, the amazing authors who step forward to contribute, and the artistic work of our sensational designer).

This book will have you asking yourself the big questions:

What does it mean to stand UNAPOLOGETICALLY in my uniqueness?

Where am I still being inauthentic in my life?

How can I more powerfully claim my place as woman/mother/leader/space holder/intuitive?

Publishing a book is no mean feat.

It’s a rollercoaster of the highest order.

All your shit rises to the surface ready to be alchemized as you meet your perceived limitations and fears.

You come face to face with your personal journey and you understand anew the exquisite dance of life. How, like dominos, important synchronistic events guided you to the path you now walk.

It offers you a deeper understanding of your soul work and message as you deepen your communication skills and activate the power in your voice.

Experiencing becoming published in a supportive group of soul sisters makes the journey that much sweeter.

And, yes, the book reaches bestseller and your story is read by thousands.

But that is just the icing on the cake compared to the profound personal journey you are taken on, with me as your guide.

Would you like to experience this for yourself?

I have a brand new collaborative book container and the energy of this one is already shaping up to be EPIC.

✅ It’s safe to speak my truth, regardless of the response.

✅ My story is mine to share.

This is what we ground into today on the call with my Unapologetic authors.

They have truly tapped into the energy of UNAPOLOGETIC with the caliber of their chapters.

Their stories of how they have shed inauthenticity to step into their unique, unapologetic truth are raw, vulnerable and deeply moving.

And with chapters well and truly moving through the editing process and the book beginning to take shape, big fears can arise.

How do I navigate sharing (often traumatic) personal stories that involve still-living family members?

What will be the potential fall out of my raw vulnerability?

It’s something that everyone who is about to become published faces.

The truth the way that I see it, is that your story is YOURS TO SHARE and you should never filter it or sugar coat your story to appease another.

What we can do is ensure we are writing from a space of empowerment, without blame or shame.

What we can do is ask ourselves: what is the purpose of me sharing this story? What is the moral? and ground down into the lesson.

Ultimately, life can be traumatic but it is often through these traumatic experiences that we learn our biggest lessons. 

Writing your story in a collaborative book is an incredibly cathartic and healing experiencing that brings you face to face with just how far you have come.

To then publish that story and touch, move and inspire people all around the world is an incredible feeling.

To leave a legacy that lives on, far beyond your final days.


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