Tarsh Ashwin

unapologetic book
There is nothing quite like a woman who embraces her
power and embodies her uniqueness – unapologetically.


She has dropped the ‘Good Girl’ mask and has decided to never again sacrifice her values for another’s approval. She is completely and utterly unapologetic in owning all of who she is.

She allows herself to be seen in all her glory and unreservedly shares herself with the world.

Of course, it is a life-long journey to embody your unapologetic uniqueness. It involves radical self-responsibility, forgiveness and integration of the conditioning that has kept women small for millennia.

This book shares the wisdom of women who are on a mission to inspire the unapologetic empowerment of their sisters.

Unapologetic will activate you to love all of who you are and to tap into the potent magic that makes you…. Unapologetically YOU.

unapologetic book

 You’re invited to join the Global Launch Party for our upcoming book! The book launches Friday 28th and we are kick it off with an unapologetic BANG!

What’s happening at the launch party:

– Round table discussions
– Meet the authors
– Amazing live music
– Live trainings + masterclasses
– Embodiment practices + activations
– Behind the scenes

We would love your support as we launch our amazing
book and climb the bestseller rankings!

Global Launch Party:
Thursday 27th – Saturday 30th January
Unapologetic goes live on Amazon: Friday 28th January

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About The Publisher

Tarsh is the CEO and Founder of Ashwin Publishing, USA Today bestselling author and 5 times Amazon bestselling author.

Publisher of ‘Wild Woman Rising‘, ‘Sacred Rebel‘, and ‘Unapologetic‘, she combines her experience as a business alchemist and energetic activator to support her authors to grow their business whilst sharing their message on the global stage.

Her clients are starseeds, changemakers and visionary entrepreneurs who remember the deepest truth of their soul mission and fully claim their role as light leader whilst guiding their community into The Great Awakening.

She believes in the incredible power of publishing to grow heart-centred businesses that are committed to effecting transformational global change.

Want to share your story in Ashwin Publishing’s next

collaborative book project?

Tarsh is currently accepting expressions of interest for her next project, Warriors Of Light: Leaders
Of The Great Awakening.
It is no coincidence that you are alive at this precise point in history. The truth is that your
journey has prepped and primed you for this very moment.

You are a Warrior of Light and a herald for The Great Awakening.
You are here to disrupt the outdated systems.
To shatter paradigms.

To shift the consciousness of humanity as we converge at two very different timelines:
The timeline of love and freedom – The Great Awakening.
The timeline of fear and slavery – The Great Reset.

This book shares transmissions and wisdom from starseeds, changemakers, visionaries, healers
and disruptors who all have one thing in common – they change the world through their soul work.

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