Tarsh Ashwin

sacred storyteller
As a soulful woman in business, your story is your gold 
It’s your most powerful connection and conversion tool 
It’s time to let the sacred storyteller within come out to play! 
Over 5 days you will write and publish FIVE groundbreaking stories that move your
clients to move, with other sacred writers in real-time 
Together we will:
✔️ Uncover your business origin story so that your future clients understand
the context of your work, your why and your mission 
✔️ Explore how storytelling can deeply move your audience while illustrating your
expertise and the transformation you facilitate (no more dry sales copy!) 
✔️ Connect with your future clients on a soul level rather than prodding
pain points or pushing bruises, ‘convincing’ people to buy
✔️ Learn how to channel in response to your dream client’s energetic blueprint so that
you know exactly what they need to you share with them at any time
✔️ Align your energy & space so that you can tap into your creative writing
flow whenever you desire
✔️ Clarify what your most powerful transmission is within your business so that you always stay in alignment with your core mission and message 
The festival runs 21st February – 25th February and all of the action will take place
inside a private Facebook group which you will have access to for an additional two



(Price rises to $150 on 11th Feb)


Tarsh is the CEO and Founder of Ashwin
Publishing, USA Today bestselling author
and 5 times Amazon bestselling author.
Publisher of ‘Wild Woman Rising‘, ‘Sacred
Rebel‘, and ‘Unapologetic‘, she combines her
experience as a business alchemist and
energetic activator to support her authors to
grow their business whilst sharing their
message on the global stage.
Her clients are starseeds, changemakers and
visionary entrepreneurs who remember the
deepest truth of their soul mission and fully
claim their role as light leader whilst guiding
their community into The Great Awakening.
She believes in the incredible power of
publishing to grow heart-centered businesses
that are committed to effecting
transformational global change.

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