Tarsh Ashwin

TUNE IN NOW & tap into what it means to be a #wildwoman with the Inspiring Tarsh Ashwin and graceful Stefanie Bruns!

Tarsh is the CEO and founder of Ashwin Publishing and provides a platform for soulful entrepreneurs to share their message with the world; She is affecting global change, energetic transformation, and paving the way to purposeful profit!

Stefanie Bruns is a dedicated, driven entrepreneur & mother of 4 with over 20 years of coaching experience; She helps extraordinary world leaders achieve outstanding results and leads performers to more energy and success.

Both of these wild women are doing what they do with grace and standing up with strength, balance, and connection. In this episode, we talk about the importance of slowing down and listening to our bodies, the power and energy of heart frequencies, and how we can start creating jobs that allow more women to chase their careers while also being attentive mothers.

Remember, as women, we need to have the power to trust and stand within our intuition, so ladies, go out there and be unstoppable because I know you can!

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