Tarsh Ashwin

(As featured in the International best-selling book, Awakening: Meet The Women Birthing A New Earth)

We are living in a pivotal time in history.

We are at a crossroads of two potential timelines. One that is fed by fear and one that is fed by love. One that heralds control and one that heralds freedom.

This is the time you’ve been training for. Every single modality you have studied, workshop you have attended and personal development book you have read has prepped you for this.

Many of us have felt The New Earth calling for a long time.

If you have ever stopped to question the tradition of blindly following the status quo and instead decided to carve your own path, you have helped call in The New Earth timeline.

She is birthed by people like you. People who have cultivated the courage to live life on their own terms. People who take action on the intuitive nudges of their own heart, even in the face of societal backlash. People who yearn to live life in a more conscious and tender way.

I believe that at the forefront of this paradigm shift are the conscious and holistic entrepreneurs.

The trailblazers and visionaries who are actively challenging traditional norms. The business owners to understand that it’s one thing to have an idea, and quite another to bring that idea to fruition.

Importantly, the healers, therapists, coaches and mentors who are working on the front line, facilitating life-changing transformation as they help their clients to process old traumas, fears and limiting beliefs so that they can release the shackles of the past and lean into love. If we are to effectively transition into The New Earth timeline, our planetary healing is an essential first step and it begins with our personal healing.

If the work you do in your business helps to facilitate this life-changing transformation, you are being called right now to step up into empowered leadership so you can share your medicine with the world.

You’ve probably felt this – the feeling that there’s no time left to dwell in fear or to stay small and silent. Your soul mission is being activated by these world events and now is your time to step into your role as a missionary for The New Earth Timeline.

If you’re feeling resonance with this, then I’d love to introduce myself. My name is Tarsh Ashwin and I guide female healers and coaches to realise the bigness of their soul mission, align their energetics and mindset with powerful strategy to grow their business and make amazing money by sharing their medicine with the world.

I’ve been steadily building my business for nearly 10 years now and have had the pleasure of working wiht hundreds of incredibly talented female leaders and entrepreneurs who facilitate life-changing work. These women are soulful entrepreneurs. The work they do in their business is their soul work.

For many of these women, facilitating their transformational work comes very naturally to them. It is the marketing and sales where they struggle. This was my journey as well. I had to learn how to do business in a way that was aligned with my values and how to soulfully sell my services. There were old patterns, beliefs and fears that I had to let go of before I started seeing tangible results.

I believe that we all have our unique ways of doing business and sales and that it’s our responsibility to discover these ways that come naturally to us. If you want your transformative work to reach the ears and eyes of your soulmate clients, you owe it to them to learn how to sell your soul work. As a missionary of The New Earth timeline, this is a top priority.

There are 3 pillars that I’m going to unpack for you that have helped my clients tremendously learn how to sell their soul work:

  • Mission: Understand your Soul Mission + how you facilitate this in your business
  • Model: Learn how to map out your highest-level business model
  • Mindset: Cultivate a robust + resilient mindset to fortify your business in uncertain times

These 3 pillars act as powerful foundations that will help to keep you grounded as we make the transition into The New Earth. Without them, you may start to feel like a helium balloon cast adrift with nothing to anchor it. Without them, it can be easy to let fear of the unknown and other resistance patterns kick in and keep you small. When these 3 pillars are effectively implemented, your ability to grow your business becomes easy and joyous.

  1. Mission: Understand your Soul Mission + how you facilitate this in your business

If you’re a soulful entrepreneur then your business is the vehicle for your soul to express it’s mission and purpose.

Can you see that all of your life’s experiences, negative and positive, has guided you to the transformational work you currently facilitate?

If you answered yes to the above question, then I want to invite you to witness your business through the eyes of your soul who understands inherently the blueprint for your life. Your soul mission propels you to continue moving forward in the face of adversity. It is the overarching reason why you do what you do.

So – why do you do what you do? What compels you to get up in the morning, put effort into growing your business and serve your clients? What encourages you to speak up when you want to stay small? Be seen when you want to hide? Continue to nourish your business with your love, time and energy even when people tell you it’s crazy idea?

It’s your soul mission and potentially it’s one of the reason why you signed up to this crazy rollercoaster ride here on Earth. You’ve come here to fulfil on this mission.

Articulating your soul mission and incorporating it into your messaging and marketing is a powerful way to begin the process of magnetically drawing toward you your soulmate clients. It adds depth to your content and helps to give context to your audience. It is the thing that connects your personal story with your business message.

My soul mission is to be a catalyst for planetary transformation. It is my mission to help channel some of the $80 trillion dollars that is currently circulating in the economy into the hands of conscious entrepreneurs and leaders who are spearheading this paradigm shift and who can effect change at a global level. I help my clients to understand that the more money they make, the more transformation they are facilitating. It is their responsibility to use that money wisely.

Every single time I talk about this, I have people reach out to me wanting to know more about my work. It is very powerful to have a vision and enrol people in that vision.

If you’re uncertain about the overarching reason why you do what you do, this is a top priority to uncover the answer. Answering the following questions will help you:

  • What is the change you deeply desire to see in the world?
  • Why are you so passionate about that?
  • What is your highest-level vision about what’s possible for your clients?
  • What is the ripple effect that’s possible from your transformative work?

Distilling your soul mission into a couple of sentences or paragraphs is tricky and can sometimes feel contrived – how can I put in so little words the reasons why I am here, on the planet? But I encourage you to try. It will act as your north star and be the thing that you return to when you need encouragement to keep striding forward.

2. Model: Learn how to map out your highest-level business +  sales model

Are you aware of the highest-level transformation that you facilitate for your clients? Are you claiming it?

When it comes to the essential art of articulating the outcomes of our work, many soulful entrepreneurs sell themselves short. We can get into the habit of talking our work down and holding ourselves back from truly claiming our highest-level results. As a result, we may stay stuck working in the single session model which means that our clients don’t get the full experience of our work and often don’t get the best results possible.

Shifting your business model from single sessions to high-end packages has the potential to change your client’s lives and your financial destiny. When you understand how to create transformational packages that bring the gap for your clients between problem and solution, you are effecting change at a high level. The bigger the gap, the more you can charge.

It can help to understand the Pain/Pleasure paradigm.

Your clients will generally be coming to you in some state of discomfort or pain. You’ll want to understand deeply this state of pain or discomfort. What is the trigger point for them to realise they need support? How does this state of pain impact their life? What do they deeply desire to solve? What are the things keeping them awake at 3am in the morning?

On the other side of your transformative work, your clients will experience pleasure and possibility  in their life. What is the vision they are working toward? What are their goals and aspirations? If you could wave a magic wand, how would they love their life/business/health/relationships (insert your areas of speciality here) to be? How can you help them facilitate that?

The gap between pain and pleasure is your transformational methodology. Learning how to distil your brilliance into your own unique methodology is a game changer for your business. This becomes your Intellectual Property and instantly gives you credibility, a framework to move your clients through and ample ideas for content and offers.

I’ve found that a transition to a higher-end package model can actually facilitate deeper transformational results. You will attract a certain calibre of client who is willing to go all in on themselves and invest at a higher level. You can be intentional about calling forth true soulmate clients – the people who are the absolute best fit for your deep work. I believe that you have a sacred contract to work with soulmate clients. When you come together to work, you are both left transformed. They are a joy to work with. They are empowered to effect change in their lives and get amazing results because of it.

3. Mindset: Cultivate a robust + resilient mindset to fortify your business in uncertain times

It doesn’t matter how amazing your strategy is, if your mindset isn’t aligned it means nothing. It is an essential component to growing a soulful business with ease and grace. That doesn’t mean that it is always going to feel easy and graceful, but your ability to be resilient in the face of uncertainty is very powerful.

Business is the best personal development course you will ever take. It requires you to face and process you inner ‘stuff’ on an almost day-to-day basis. The process of ramping up your visibility, sales systems and pricing will bring you face-to-face with your shadow, your fears, anxieties and resistance patterns. It’s normal, expect it to happen.

Your ability to navigate the peaks and troughs of entrepreneurialism combined with the fear and uncertainty that is brewing in the current times comes back to how easily you can adopt an ‘evolving mindset’ versus a ‘survival mindset’.

Put simply – are you allowing yourself to evolve and thrive in these current times? Are you solution oriented? Or are you getting caught up in fear and survival energy? Are you problem oriented?This is the one difference between entrepreneurs who will make it through theses times, and those who won’t.

Your ability to lead your tribe is essential right now. True leaders show up and allow themselves to be seen. They have a mission and are a stand for effecting change. They actively cultivate courage – the most essential quality in business. They build community and call their tribe forward to rise into their next great version of self.

This begins with your mindset.

Do you see yourself as a leader? As your tribe’s most trusted advisor and go-to mentor? Are you willing to claim your genius and be the expert in your field? At the end of the day, your community are buying your confidence to deliver the outcomes you state you can facilitate. Whatever you need to do to build confidence in your work, this is essential.

You can work on cultivating a robust and resilient mindset by incorporating simple practices into your day such as intention setting and reflective journaling, using release tools such as EFT or the Sedona method and being willing to have a coach that has your back, can support you through the rocky times and be an essential sounding board for you.

Birthing The New Earth is not going to be a walk in the park. You will be challenged and tested on a weekly basis. The old patriarchal and political structures need to be released and with that we will witness the final throes of the dying political beast. Now, more than any other time in history, we need conscious leaders, healers and coaches to step forward and guide humanity through the process.

If you would like a community of soulful women in business to support you through this process of birthing The New Earth, I’d love to extend a sacred invitation to join my free Facebook group – The Business Alchemy Collective (https://www.facebook.com/groups/businessalchemycollective/)

We have regular #realife discussions about what it takes to be a soulful entrepreneur in these times. I also post weekly strategy sessions and hot-seat coaching to help you continue moving the needle forward in your business.

You are a being of infinite light and wisdom who is here for a very important reason. Your story matters. Your message matters. Your transformational work matters. Hold fast to your mission and continue to show up and share your medicine with the world.

Finally, remember your role as Lightworker. In the words of Matt Kahn, ‘a Lightworker is one who knows themselves as light and intentionally and purposefully shines that light for the betterment of others.’ Don’t be afraid to be the lighthouse for your soulmate clients to find you in these times. They’re seeking your medicine.

Are you willing to be seen so they can find you?

This story was featured in the internationally best-selling book – Awakening: Meet The Women Birthing a New Earth

You can purchase your copy here:


Here the official book blurb:

Are your eyes wide open?

Can you see and feel the deep transformation that is happening on a global level? We are collectively experiencing a great pause, an opportunity to re-evaluate priorities, beliefs, and what matters most moving forward.

It’s becoming apparent that certain skill sets will become increasingly valuable. In this book, you’ll meet women from around the world who are experts in their field. They have the knowledge and experience, but most of all they embody what they teach.

Whether you are ready to look at what authentic work means for you, explore and tap into your spiritual gifts, worldschool your kids, or learn how to start a garden in your yard, this book will open your heart and mind to what’s possible and what it takes to thrive in a new earth.

Join us in creating a new earth, focussing on new possibilities, more connected and conscious living in all areas of our lives!

All proceeds go to https://www.ancientsongdoulaservices.com/, helping mothers birth their children without trauma and in deep bliss and harmony.

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