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FREE access to thought provoking and disruptive live masterclasses by the authors of the bestselling book– Sacred Rebel: Women Who Dare To Disrupt

They are the ones who are called to guide the way into the New Earth. Their mission is to deconstruct the outdated programming and belief systems that have kept humanity locked in a paradigm of fear and distrust. They initiate new codes of awakening within those who are ready. They walk the path of Disruption and leave a legacy of transformation in their wake.

In this summit, you will learn from powerful leaders and entrepreneurs who are on the leading edge in their field. May their transmissions inspire you to think bigger, act bolder and take a fierce stand for the sacred disruption you know is required to call in the more beautiful world you believe is possible.

Amanda Polglase

Saying Goodbye – Why It Is Important To Say Goodbye When Hit By A Life Changing Event

Annabelle Merriman

Self Sabotage To Self Love: 3 Secrets To Coming Home To Yourself

Christine Martin

Key Confidence Boosters That Lift You To New Heights

Daisy Nguyen

The Awakened Woman: How To Have It All With Ease And Grace

Erin Frances

How To Unlock Your Creative Energy Through Your Unique Sacred Cycle

Fiona Maclean

Resolving The Limiting Beliefs That Prevent You From Showing Up Authentically In Your Life And Business

Freya Rose Birch

Reclaiming Birth Rites. Embody Your Primal Birthing Wisdom

Jenna Faye Madden

Six Figure Sales Synergy

Joan Martin

Soul-Led Marketing ~ There Is More Than One Way

Karen Wood

PSST The #1 Secret To Being MORE You By Doing Less

Kristín Þórsdóttir

You Are Writing Your Story, How Would You Like It To Be?

 Lára Rúnarsdottir

CREATIVITY: The Voice Of Your Heart.

Lorna Gabriel

The Takeover Of Consciousness

Louise Charman-James

Reclaim the Sacred Power of Your Voice: Words Create Worlds

Lucy Ellis

Wake Up To Your Awesomeness – Be Unstoppable

Maiya Kenny

Be The Queen of Your Life: Claim Your Sovereignty

Mejah Emma Andersson

Money Magick – How To Co-Create An Abundant Life With The Universe

Melinda Kalac

Transforming Fear to Freedom

Mia Munro

How To Thrive In Life Through Activating ‘The Human Reinvention Formula’ For Sustainable Expansion

Michelle Murphy

The 4 Powerful Codes You Need To Uplevel Your Business

Nicola Chung

Moving Beyond “Be Yourself”: What Authenticity Really Means And How To Use It To Expand Your Profit, Purpose And Prosperity

Ruth Petralifi

Heal the Soul: Leveraging The Power Of Hypnosis To Break The Cycle Of Limiting Beliefs In 21 Days

Sammi Zajko

Fermentation: Healing The Gut, Heart And Soul. A Journey Of Healing And Transformation

Sarah Bellorini

Conscious Creating; Embodying The 7 Levels Of Energy Through Art

Shannon Van Den Berg

Courageous Storytelling

Tinna Sverrisdóttir

FIND YOUR GOLD ~ A Shamanic Self-Discovery Journey

Tarsh Ashwin

Founder of Ashwin Publishing

FREE access to thought provoking and disruptive live masterclasses by the authors of Sacred Rebel

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