Tarsh Ashwin

Hands down, the most powerful healing I’ve ever done is the work I’m embarking on to balance my masculine and feminine energy.

I’m learning that this work takes TIME and consistent awareness of where and when I’m out of balance.

It’s seen me unravel old ‘work hard’ patterns that have been passed down the family line and it’s bought me face to face with my fear of surrendering control.

It’s had me sit in the incredibly uncomfortable reality that more than I like to admit, I’ve put my business first, before my family. Even when the whole reason I went into business was to have more time with my family.

Maybe you can relate?

It’s forced me to suspend my instinctive desire to suppress my emotions and allow myself to feel it ALL.

Lately, I’ve taken my embodiment of ‘the only way out is through’ to a whole new level.

Recalibrating my nervous system from push, hustle, do, do, do…

… Into pause, breathe, feel, allow, be, receive.

Forcing myself to tap out of the doom scrolling and simply being in the moment.

I’ve learned that there is a brand new threat on every corner if we allow ourselves to tap too much into the narrative and I’ve allowed this to taint my frequency.

When I recently received my new photos back from a photo shoot last weekend, this one immediately stood out as my favourite.

This is me, oozing divine femininity.

Present in nature. Be-ing in my body and tapped in to the raw life force that is the feminine’s magnetic charge.

I look at this photo and am reminded of my true essence.

…Even when I’m exhausted from being up all night trying to teach my toddler how to sleep in his own cot.

As powerhouse women in business, we can often lose sight of the truly important things, in our hunt for the 7 figure business.

But is it actually worth it if it comes with great sacrifice of the truly important things in life?

Time with my favourite people that I’ll never get back…

As uncomfortable as it’s been to face all of this, it’s bringing balance back into my life in a way that feels incredibly good.


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