Tarsh Ashwin

 1:1 Business Mentoring with Tarsh

Your business is more than a side hustle, it’s the highest expression of creativity and the vehicle through which you fulfil your soul’s purpose. 

Tarsh’s signature business mentoring program, Business Alchemy, is a 6 months dive into the heart of your entrepreneurial journey. Together, we will sculpt the business of your dreams – one that resonates with your unique essence and blueprint, and is sustainable and aligned.

This journey encompasses…

Advanced energetic recalibration + nervous system healing

Subconscious re-wiring + hypnotherapy

Human Design + Gene Keys realignment

Business alchemy – strategy + tactics

Signature program + methodology creation

Sacred sales training

Messaging + marketing development

Embodied leadership development

Navigate the energetic landscape

Building a soulful business goes beyond strategies and tactics, it’s about understanding the energetic currents that drive success. I work in a truly holistic way, blending the essential strategies with advanced energetic, subconscious and nervous system transformation. 

Why 1:1 mentoring with Tarsh?

Tailored Guidance: Your business is unique, and so is your mentoring experience. I provide bespoke and personalised advisement crafted around your specific goals, challenges, and energetic blueprint.

Energetic Alchemy: Merge practical business strategies with energetic alchemy that goes beyond the surface, addressing the deeper energetic layers to ensure sustained success.

Soulful Transformation: This isn’t just about growing a business, it’s about transforming your business and yourself in profound ways, whilst sharing your medicine with the world. Experience a soulful evolution that transcends the traditional approach to business growth.

If you’re ready to explore working together, please book a connection call.

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