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Years ago, a book was born in your soul.

A book whose message you’ve been living for decades.

This is the story of your soul mission.

Your life as an entrepreneur.

But more than that… 

This book contains your paradigm shattering, status quo disrupting message. 

Your book has been in the proverbial birth canal, yearning to be born for years…

But you haven’t written it yet.

Something won’t let you say the words and the discomfort of holding in the truth of your message is becoming unbearable. 

You’ve been stifling your soul’s message because you know it’ll disrupt the narrative.

And you’re scared. 

On the surface, you’re scared of being called out, shunned, shamed or judged.

The fear is holding you back from taking your business and your MISSION to the next level.

You know it’s time to break free from your self-imposed restraint…

And step into the leader you were born to be.

Strong, confident, BOLD.

What if you could share your message in a way that could reach thousands of people?

In a way that could position you as a thought leader, poised to disrupt your industry?

Imagine what it will feel like to hold your published book in your hands…

Imagine reading your words and knowing that you’ve given birth to something that will outlive you and make an impact long after you’ve transitioned to the next realm…

Now is the time to write your book.

Not next month or next year.

  Or when you’ve signed this many clients or made that much money…

This is an invitation to stop daydreaming and start writing.



A six month journey to write, self-publish and launch your disruptive book.

Participating in this program will give you the ability to

– Write and self-publish your book in 6 months

– Get crystal clear on your brand message, so that attracting more clients and opportunities becomes effortless

– Position yourself as a sought after expert in your industry

 Claim your authority and put an end to the cycles of self-sabotage that has been holding you back from ascending to your next level of success

– Put your disruptive message out into the world in the form of a groundbreaking book

 – Position your book for bestsellers’ status on Amazon (digital & print)

Oracle Unleashed is PERFECT for you if:

☑️ You’re a soulful online entrepreneur whose been dreaming of writing a book for years

☑️ You have a disruptive message that’s infused into your work with clients that you’d love to share in a book

☑️ You’ve been afraid to speak your truth in the past but are ready to break free and share your brilliance with the world

☑️ You’re ready to showcase your expertise and become a true thought leader in your industry

☑️ You’re interested in writing and self-publishing your book in community with other soulful entrepreneurs 

☑️ You’re coachable and always open to constructive feedback

Are you ready to tap into the truth of your soul’s message and bring it forth in the form of a disruptive book?

During this 6 month intimate container, you will learn how to:

– Connect with your paradigm shattering message that will position you as an influential thought leader, poised to disrupt your industry

 – Structure your book strategically and write your book intuitively in a way that guarantees success

 – Clarify your highest-level soulmate client so your book cuts through the noise and speaks directly to your ideal reader

 – Connect with your Book Guides to help you bust through writer’s block and channel the essence of your soul’s work onto the page

– Articulate your unique methodology or framework that encapsulates your process

 – Reverse engineer your book content based around your methodology and the transformation you facilitate for your clients

 – Learn how to evocatively weave storytelling throughout your book in a way that captivates your reader and keeps their eyes glued to the page

 – Build your editing, formatting and design team that will help you bring your book to life

 – Navigate Amazon self-publishing and print on demand with a step-by-step process that you can easily replicate for future books

 – Launch your book in the most strategic way to guarantee success and position for bestseller status

 – Master your energy so that you can embody your soul’s message and take your business to the next level

I know that there are other programs that promise to help you write and publish your book…


So why should you join the Oracle Unleashed Program?

As the CEO and Founder of Ashwin Publishing, I’ve supported over 50 authors to write and publish their story in best selling books.

As a disruptor myself, I understand the energetics of the entrepreneurial rebel and those that walk the path of sacred disruption. This isn’t a program based around ‘do this, then that’ strategies that will ultimately kill your message by demanding that you conform to the rules and dim your creative fire. 

This program is designed to help you tap into your inner author. The part of you that believes in her ability to share her message in a powerful way. The part of you that needs a coaching container with enough space that allows creative expression to be channeled through.

Writing a book is an initiation. You need someone who understands the powerful energetic upgrades that happen when you birth your book.

My work bridges strategy and energetics. You will be fully supported in mastering your energy so you maximise launch exposure and expand and evolve with ease (no more contracting in fear as you reach new levels of visibility)

My expertise as a business strategist will allow me to help you market and sell your book, and leverage it to attract high-level soulmate clients and opportunities like speaking engagements and media exposure.

And my ability to support you energetically with many different healing and spiritual modalities allows me to help you expand internally, so you can sustain the massive external growth and momentum you will experience.

Your investment to enrol in the Oracle Unleashed Program gives you access to:

At the Standard Level…

  • 12 x live recorded trainings on writing, messaging, business strategy, sales & marketing, self-publishing, launching & bestseller strategy (Value – $12,000)
  • 2 x 1:1 45 minute storycrafting & strategy coaching sessions with Tarsh to download your book concept and channel your market (Value – $2,500)
  • 6 x Q&A calls for hot-seat coaching & personalised support (Value – $3,000)
  • 6 x powerful energetic activations to support your nervous system & to prime your mindset as you up-level (Value – $3,000)

  • A members-only Facebook group where you will have very high availability to Tarsh Monday-Friday

    (Value – Priceless!)

  • 3 months post-program group Voxer with Tarsh to further support you with the self-publishing & launching process if you require (Value – $2,500)

  • Guest expert masterclasses on The Art Of Disruptive Writing, Storytelling Alchemy, Pelvic Floor Healing to Activate Creativity & Generating Sponsorship For Your Book (Value – $5,000) 

TOTAL VALUE: $28,000

At the VIP Level…

  • -Everything at the Standard Level PLUS:

  • Your book professionally published by Ashwin Publishing, including:

    – Editing formatting for kindle & paperback
    – Cover design
    – Promo graphics
    – Launch strategy for Amazon bestseller
    Value – $20,000)

    You write your manuscript, we take over the rest! (You will still learn the self-publishing process for future reference)

  • 6 months Voxer messenger access for support between calls Monday-Friday (Value – $5,000)



TOTAL VALUE: $53,000



 $10k Pay in Full 

Or $5k downpayment & 5 x $1100 monthly


 $18k Pay in Full 

Or $8k downpayment & 5 x $2400 monthly

Pay In Full Bonus…

2 hours of 1:1 coaching time with Tarsh to use how like (1 x 2 hour deep-dive, 2 x 1 hours or 4 x 30 minutes)


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