Tarsh Ashwin

We are so pumped to bring you this conversation with our business mentor and friend, the beautiful Tarsh Ashwin!

In this episode, we talk all about MONEY. Money and business, money and relationships, money and SEX, money archetypes and money mindset. I can feel you getting uncomfortable, but like always, we are bringing topics that need to see the light to the surface.

Money is energy and energy is life. Find out more about how to manage your money mindset so you have more abundance and less stress when it comes to your finances.

Tarsh gives some excellent tools and strategies for shifting your money mindset for making it fun and connective within your relationships. Luke and I share our experiences with this too, as we have been on a huge journey with money this year!

This is a MUST LISTEN whether you are in a relationship or not, be ready to hear some big truths about money and now is the time to listen – Get ready to change your habits and move into a more positive relationship with money.

Tarsh is an amazing, soulful business coach, author and Mumma. You can find more about her on her website – tarshashwin.com and on Facebook. Her work is potent AF.

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