Tarsh Ashwin

We must shift the online conversation from:

I help you achieve xyz results…


I help you become…

Eg. I help you make $50k a month in your business versus I help you become a successful 7 figure CEO.

The online mentoring and coaching industry has become toxic.

Coaches have become glorified sales reps, pushing flashy, on-brand marketing that promises high expectations but often falls short in the actual experience.

I’ll raise my hand and say I’ve learned AND taught these tactics too.

I had to get present to the fact that in the past, the actual curriculum mapping and service delivery of my program I’d put tons of energy into marketing.. came last.

Sell the program first. Design it on the fly second.

That was the tactic I was taught.

In the last 6 months, I’ve done looooooads of re-wiring and UN-learning around sales with my business coach and it’s led me to this line of inquiry…

How do we bring the soul back into the online space?

How do we ensure we’re managing expectations with our clients so that their expectations = their experience and facilitate powerful client journeys, over extended periods of time?

Here’s what I think:

We stop pushing quick fixes and fast results and we get clear on the IDENTITY TRANSFORMATION that our work facilitates.

How you articulate this identity transformation in a way that is still grounded in the tangible is where the gold lies.

Working in the transformation space.. you know that your work has the potential to legit change people’s lives.

But it takes TIME.
It takes TRUST.
It takes big nervous system recalibration and mindset upgrades.

You must build into your messaging that the true power of your work doesn’t happen in a single session.. or even a few months…
It happens when the relationship with your client is developed, tended to, nurtured… over years.

This is the importance of:

1. Designing a high-caliber signature program with a methodology that supports the identity transformation you specialise in

2. Crafting your messaging in a way that calls in high-level clients who understand that your work isn’t a quick fix and who are prepped for the specific level of commitment and personal responsibility you require (before they engage in contract with you)

3. Uncovering your unique process that sees sales become a soulful process of enrolment that works WITH your nervous system, rather than an out-of-alignment cookie-cutter template of someone else’s process

If you desire my support with creating exactly this, I have two spots left in my business coaching container Light Leader’s Ignition, which kicks off in a couple of weeks.

Over three months together, we will up-level your offerings, gain crystal clear clarity on your highest-caliber soul clients, build a signature methodology that facilitates incredible transformation and craft the messaging and positioning that magnetises these clients with ease.

Curious to know the finer details?

PM me ‘LIGHT LEADER’ and I’ll send them your way.

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