Tarsh Ashwin

Last night, I recorded a training for my Warriors of Light authors on mapping out your personal mythos.

We explored ways to spotlight the archetypal motifs that have been common themes throughout their lives and how to understand the symbolism inherent in them.

Once my authors have mapped the topography of their personal mythology, they have a clear birds eye view of the various threads and themes that have woven together to form the rich tapestry of their life.

They can then identify the singular golden thread that connects their mythos and story with the transformational work they facilitate their clients and the energy and theme of our book.

With chapter lengths of only 3000-4000 words, this is a great way to ensure their chapters are clear, concise and powerfully written. When there are word count issues, it’s usually because the author is trying to weave more than one thread into their chapter.

I love this process so much because it brings us face to face with the healing power of our personal journey.

One of my mythologies that I consciously choose to breathe life into, is that I am so much more than this flesh suit I call my body. I am made up of human AND soul. Mortal AND divine.

I chose to incarnate here on this planet at this precise time in history and my life’s journey has prepped and primed me for the work I’m here to do.

I believe that as Warriors Of Light, the more deeply you understand the archetypal and mythological currents of your journey, the more easily you can embody your core MISSION –

Why are you here?
What is the change you are here to facilitate?
What do you stand for and against?

This is powerful work and bringing this into not only your published works but also your marketing and messaging is a great way to call in your soul tribe.

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