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Maintenance Package

Keep your site healthy, updated and free from hackers.  You can either do it yourself or click here to engage me to do it for you for only $20.00/month.  This means if something goes wrong, I fix it for you.


Otherwise known as Search Engine Optimisation is an important step in your marketing plan.  Click here to book a call to find out how you can be found on Google (1st page no less!).

Facebook Ads

When you’re ready to go big babe, I’m here.  Facebook ads don’t have to be expensive and I have a great system to get you seen without breaking the bank.  Click here to make a booking to call when you’re ready.

Be an Instagram Guru

Instagram is one of the biggest platforms in the world and it’s on fire – although a little more complicated to be seen nowadays.   I do 1-hour training calls to teach you how to rock Instagram and be seen! Click here to make a free appointment to see how I can help you.

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