Tarsh Ashwin

My client came to me asking for support to get her online business off the ground.

She worked part-time in the retail industry and had to take the pf-jab a month prior to keep her job. After experiencing an adverse reaction, she decided she didn’t want to be at the beck and call of government mandates any longer.

This gave her the impetus she needed to finally go ALL IN on her business and give it everything she had.

I’m going to break down the process I guided her through to kick off her coaching practice. This will be quite long so stick with me!

We first worked to stabilise her nervous system and energetics so she had a powerful foundation to build upon.

Through a variety of process work we dove into her ancestral programming. We re-wired these inherited beliefs around money and wealth, and redefined what success meant to her.

From there we dove into creating her signature offer. To do this we first needed to understand some important things:

Who are her soul-clients?

We wanted to ensure she was attracting clients that were empowered, rather than in their victim, so we needed to

understand the answer to one very important question-

What is the 10%?

Empowered clients typically have 90% of their life functioning exceptionally well BUT for the final 10% (the area you specialise in). In this area of their life before the fall out and collateral damage negatively impacts the other 90%

Eg, Imagine your soul client is a CEO and founder of a successful company. In most areas of her life she’s smashing it, but for her relationship. The problems she’s experiencing in her relationship are starting to impact her work performance, her relationship with her kids, her health. This is a painful problem for our empowered client who is willing to not only invest in the support she wants, but also willing to do the work required with you to get the results she wants.

What is the highest-level transformation my client is here to co-facilitate with her clients?

What is the before and after? What are the tangible and intangible results of working with her? How does her soul-client think/feel/behave differently after their journey together?

Is this worded using language that her soul client actually uses?

This is important. If the words and phrases you’re using in your messaging are actually more aligned with ‘practitioner speak’ then it will sound like a completely different language to your client.

Eg. Say your client is a mother who is struggling with her toddler. Is she going to understand messaging that speaks to the impact of the Inner Child work you’re going to do together? Or the power of Shadow Work to help her temper?

(It’s ok to use phrases such as this in your content but you first have to understand if your client needs educating. If so, do this in your free ungated content)

How does she actually facilitate those results? What is her methodology, the process that is unique to HER and her brand?

In this instance we created a 3 phase process that formed the backbone of my client’s program. Each phase built

upon each other to ensure that her soul-clients were given the required skills, accountability and mentorship (SAM) to generate the results stated.

Being able to distil your process into your unique methodology is a powerful way to distinguish your work from another’s. Yes, you might be one of many relationship coaches, kinesiologists or business strategists. But YOU are the only one teaching your methodology.

Once you have a unique methodology you have an insane amount of creative fodder for  content and offerings. You can take that 3 part methodology and stretch it out  into a 6 month long group program, shrink it down into a 3 day retreat, pick one phase and deep dive into a month long immersion. Your methodology can form the basis of your book and your content.

Eg. My methodology consists of 4 pillars:

  1. Energetic Activation + Mindset Alignment – Align your nervous system back to stability + security, unleash the empowerment energy in the lower chakras and re-wire your subconscious for success, wealth, visibility
  2. Embodied Leadership – Embody your divine feminine leadership in a way that liberates yourself and others, channel your soul mission and the movement you are here to enact
  3. Business Alchemy – Connect with your soul clients, birth your signature offer and activate your sales vortex
  4. Your Global Reach – Messaging and communication as a leader in your field, publishing your soul book and sharing your story with the world

To journey with me 1:1 throughout this entire process is a 12 month experience. I have various programs and offers that target specific pillars (eg. my latest program Sacred Fire Initiation is a combination of Energetics/Mindset Activation + Embodied Leadership, my collaborative book projects are a combination of Energetics/Mindset Activation, Embodied Leadership + Global Reach)

From there we pulled all of the pieces together and gave form to her program – how long is it? How many sessions? What’s the price? What are the inclusions?  Is there a time sensitive bonus?

We crafted the graphics and copy and wrote it all down into a gorgeous PDF.

Once the program was birthed we created a launch plan. She wanted to sell 3 spots in her new 3 month 1:1 program.

She decided on a free 3 day training which was hyper niched to a specific outcome that she promoted to attract potential soul clients into her vortex. She showed up live,  gave amazing, transformative value and invited the people who wanted to take the work further to join her on an enrolment call.

I took her through my enrolment call

process and the first person who joined her said YES!

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of signing your first high-end client. Knowing you have what it takes to create something out of nothing.

And, importantly, to know that you have what it takes to create money on demand.

It was SO exciting to celebrate with my client in our Voxer chat and to know that this is just the beginning for her.

For me, my business is my art form. It keeps me plugged into my creative expression. It keeps me agile and on my toes, ready to respond to what my community needs.

It’s my mirror to discerning what unprocessed emotions are lying dormant and It offers me immense freedom to live a life outside the mainstream

It provides me with great joy and satisfaction to to watch my clients rise into their entrepreneurial power.

I love watching my clients make money!


Because it means they are having a profound impact on the world.

More money = more service.

If you would like to discover more about my work, you can check out my website.



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