Tarsh Ashwin

When it comes to creating financial consistency in business, many soulful entrepreneurs make this one mistake:

They spend time creating and launching an offer… and then they move on to the next offer… and the next… and the next.

This is a problematic due to some very important reasons.

1. The creative energy it requires to birth a new offering can be big. Combine that with the physical and emotional energy it requires to launch AND deliver your offer can leave you fatigued, burnt out and mentally bracing for your next launch.

2. You don’t get the opportunity to finesse your methodology and service delivery. As a results, your clients miss out on the benefit of moving through a methodology that is truly mastered by you, their mentor, and a service delivery experience that could see them become your newest referral partner.

3. Because the client journey isn’t clearly defined, client retention falters. This can look like people not showing up to sessions and not implementing, sometimes even avoiding you due to shame and guilt.

Instead of flapping around between offers like you’re throwing spaghetti at the wall (hoping something sticks!) it’s incredibly worthwhile to spend the time crafting and finessing a SIGNATURE offering.

One that you’re proud of. One that has a methodology that moves your people through a clearly defined process that facilitates high-level, tangible transformation.

One that can easily value stack to create different price points for different levels of mentoring (think: standard and VIP)

The result will be a well oiled launch + sales process, an offering that gets better with age and one that brings in predictable, consistent income.

We’re covering this and so much more in Light Leader’s Ignition, kicking off next week

This 3 month program is usually reserved for my current authors and clients but I’ve decided to open up 2 spots to the public.

If you desire support around birthing a signature offering and launch/sales plan that is in alignment with your energetics, PM me ‘Light Leaders’ and I’ll shoot you more info.

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