Tarsh Ashwin

You create worlds with your words.

Communication is the bridge between your inner and outer landscape.

And for many women, this area is locked, bound, mute or constricted.

If you hold back from being direct and speaking your truth, you know what I’m talking about.

Fear of how others will react, ‘Good Girl’ programming, the ‘Fawn’ stress response.

Sure, it saved our lives for centuries, but we cannot go where we are going with the same old response.

For many with the Good Girl program installed, communicating in a clear and direct way feels like FIGHTING.

And fighting feels like DANGER or DEATH.

So instead of saying what’s truly on your heart, you will say anything to offset the tension and deflect the energy. 

Cue flakey, fluffy, watered-down communication. Nice girl style.

When you have no integrity or  power with your WORD, you have lost everything.

Relationships become tainted with all the things left unsaid. Resentment and defensiveness ensue.

And your business? It cannot grow. It stays small in the shadow of half-truth.

It impacts your client results because your fear of being direct means you can’t effectively hold them accountable to THEIR word.

Your message becomes watered-down and your content bland AF.

Ultimately, it blocks your ability to manifest in all areas. Your capacity to call in miracles with the power of your word.

The Energetic Entrapment Cycle must end to reclaim our leaking energy.

The truth is, the stronger your brand becomes, the easier it is to sell and market.

Marketing momentum comes from the capacity and willingness to be polarizing. The easiest way to be polarizing? Be who you really are.

A new era of awakening is upon us, and it requires a bolder leadership style than ever before. It’s time for more courage, more risk-taking, more innovation and creativity from all leaders in every field – including yours.

Your work changes lives but most people don’t know that you exist.  You’re a powerful, transformational leader on the inside but it’s not yet reflected in your reach, potency and conversion.

When your clients do discover you, they’re blown away by how much value you bring.  They almost seem SURPRISED! (which is both awesome and ouch!)  You are a genuine expert, not a manufactured one!

You have the solutions to their problems!  So.. why doesn’t everybody KNOW THAT?

You have incredible skills that people are willing to invest big money in, but you are currently blocking their manifestation by NOT embodying your inner fearless leader.

In these discombobulating times, your community is waiting for you to step into YOUR greatness as their leader and mentor.

You DO have what it takes to ignite and inspire others AND to make an impact on the planet.

It’s time to step up, showcase your expertise and ignite yourself to be seen on the global stage.

Claim your place!

Your capacity to own your gifts and lead your community with power and presence directly leads to more clients, incredible client results (and testimonials!) and more money in the bank.

Passion, purpose and LEADERSHIP presence are a prerequisite for power and prosperity.

But YOU need to claim it. 

Nobody can do it for you, but it is my absolute delight to lead the way.

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