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Tarsh has guided us to grow powerfully grow our retreat business. From the very first session Tarsh was committed to both understanding us and our business, and to our success. She is incredibly insightful, full of great suggestions and walks her talk. Tarsh has wonderful strategic knowledge and she has been the best thing to get us and our business on track and profitable. Best of all, we’re having loads of fun at the same time.
Coralie and Mary of 2 Wise Women


I love Tarsh’s energy, her approach of finding the inner ‘blocks’ that seem to put on the brakes. She helped me to release money blocks and limiting beliefs that came from way back. Tarsh has a knack of pinpointing exactly what I need. I find her step by step framework and the way she guides me through it amazingly helpful. Thank you so much for all the incredible ‘aha’ moments, insights, and the awareness that I’ve gained so far, Tarsh.
Christine Martin of Rippleffective Counselling and EFT Practitioner

Tarsh is incredible in the way she works with you, helping to unpack blocks and barriers (some conscious and others unconscious). She creates a very nurturing and healing space to facilitate letting go, learning, helps to move forward and growth. For me, Tarsh helped me find a sense of empowerment of self, purpose, freedom and drive to create whatever I really want without anything holding me back.I strongly encourage others who want change but don’t know how, to connect with Tarsh.
Katherine Brooks of Social Threads

The money I am making now in my business I could only dream about making before I met Tarsh. The result of doing Business Alchemy Mastermind is that I have sold out my packages month after month. Tarsh has helped me shift from selling $500 packages to closing the deal on $7500 packages. This has changed the trajectory of my business.. Sometimes you need a mentor to help you see your worth and give you the tools you need. Could I have done this on my own? No way, the knowledge I gained from this powerful woman will forever mark a pivotal spot on my journey.
Kelly White of Life in Focus Films & Photos

 Tarsh is so very generous with her knowledge and I love the way she describes things, the tips she shares and the powerful combination of healing with coaching that she offers. Tarsh draws on a wealth of knowledge and experience and delivers it in such a warm and compassionate way. I have cleared some very old beliefs and have powerful new tools and information ready to move forward. 
Jo Roberts Thompson of The Nurture Path Naturopathy & Iridology

 Working with Tarsh, she is warm, welcoming and super helpful. Not to mention very knowledgeable, sharing lots of game changing insights and getting directly to my fears and blocks. I’ve been able to transition from selling a $180 course to commanding a $997 program. I now have many action steps to clear my blocks, fears and reduce resistance to creating wealth. 
Chriss Tinslay – Mindfulness & Meditation Mentor

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