Business Alchemy 


Activate your energy, transform your mindset and uplevel your strategy to amplify your profit in just 12 weeks


Are you a soulful woman in business?

Do you consider the work you do in your business, your soul work?
You know it has the power to deeply transform the lives of your clients…

But you’re exhausted – over-delivering and under-charging.

You’re working way too hard.

And you’re consistently getting in your own way.

Hi, I’m Tarsh. I guide soulful female entrepreneurs to master the mindset, energetics and strategy for success.

For soulful entrepreneurs, business and purpose are one and the same.

You are your brand.

To show up as the fullest expression of you and have that call in the soulmate clients cash, Business Alchemy is vital.

No more hiding your voice in fear of judgement.

No more sabotaging your cash-flow.

No more playing small.

You need to claim the real transformation you facilitate in your business.

Business Alchemy is a bespoke fusion of powerful strategy implementation, mindset activation and energetic transformation that paves your way to full-power presence, confidence and profit.

You will master the mindset for wealth and success, activate your empowerment energy and start truly profiting from your soul-work.


  • Skyrocket your income and inner stability as you master the mindset for success, step into your full power and share your message with the world
  • Attract soulmate clients as you honour the power of your work in a way that allows you to raise your rates and results.
  • Articulate the power and potency of your transformational work with presence and clarity, so that your clients get it and chase you to work with them
  • Shift from hiding in fear of judgement and failure to maximum impact and your deepest level service, with maximum results.
  • Playful pleasure and profit become a natural symptom of rewiring your neural pathways to change your relationship with success and money
  • Lead high converting sales calls with soulmate clients with joy, grace and ease. Heck, now that you’ve embodied the courage to show up in your full power, you might even fall in love!
  • Swap hustling for single sessions to selling out your VIP program as you masterfully release resistance. Soar above self-imposed income glass ceilings – no need to smash daling! It can be easy
  • Grow resilient and tenacious as you develop the capacity to be consistent with your strategy now that you are on your own team.
  • Feeling deeply worthy and wise you will clear the blocks as they arise, take powerful strategic action and watch your purpose-driven profit soar.

In just 12 weeks you will align your inner stability with proven strategy through my powerful 5 step process:

Step 1:  Clear – the blocks, fears and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from your success.

You can’t heal what you can’t see, and our first step is to dive deep into your money mindset to uncover the programming that you are ready to let go of.

Rewire your old neural pathways while upgrading your worthiness and wealth set-point. Stop the cycle of questioning your value and sabotaging your income. Stand powerfully in your innate worth and the value of your work.

Step 2:  Ignite – Your money power. 

Sales ain’t a dirty word when it’s done in a soulful way. Understand the essential mindset shifts that will have you rock the art of soulful sales and effortlessly bring in your cash and soulmate clients. Learn how to create an environment of profit in your business and have this be your new normal.

Release your connection to the collective shaming of women when it comes to money. Allow yourself to belong and be rich. To be supported and be rich. To be accepted and be rich. Break the self-sacrificing cycle that our mothers and grandmothers carried.

Step 3: Identify – Your soulmate client.

Who is the soul contract client that you adore working with, that has the money to invest in your transformation and shows up willing to do the work required to get their desired result? If you’ve been going around in circles with this, there’s an energetic issue/ imbalance at play. Say goodbye to niche resistance forever and welcome in your abundant service.

Go from serving anyone who shows interest in what you do, to being laser lucid clear about whom you serve and WHY. Be ready to say NO to people with confidence and to repel those you are not here to work with.

Learn how to package your work so that you can stop selling your time and start selling the transformation you co-create with your clients.

Understand the essential money-making activities that are non-negotiables for building your business.

Step 4: Clarify

Gain optimum clarity on the transformation that you and your business are here to co-create. Understand and articulate this purpose-driven transformation so that you can start calling in your tribe.

Step 5: Connect

Connect with your tribe and take your visibility to a completely new level as you embody strategic vulnerability. Uncover your soulmate client Hero’s Journey and learn how to share it and your story in a way that makes them ready to buy.

Learn how to energetically assess which connection strategies are in your highest alignment so that you can continue to share with ease and joy. Develop your own connection strategy with energetic support and a powerful mindset to support your implementation


Tarsh is a Business Mindset & Success Coach, and Holistic Kinesiologist.

She guides soulful women in business to skyrocket their income and inner stability as they master the mindset for success, step into their full power and share their message with the world.

Her work is a bespoke fusion of inner mindset work, energetic transformation and outer strategy implementation that paves the way to purposeful profit.

Tarsh’s passion is to help women shift from playing small and sabotaging their success to experiencing maximum impact and their deepest level service, with maximum results.


‘When our work together came to an end I was almost overwhelmed by how much transformation I had experienced in my life. My business revenue is up, I am charging VIP prices and working with amazing soul clients. Tarsh is the perfect coach and healer for me and I feel truly blessed and honoured to have worked with her.’

Maria Thomas

‘Tarsh helped me find empowerment of self, purpose, freedom and drive to create whatever I really want without anything holding me back. I strongly encourage others who don’t know how to to create change to connect with her.’

Katherine Brooks

‘Tarsh’s coaching created instant success in my business and wealth. This knowledge has allowed me to prepare myself when triggers come along. Opening a bill literally made me feel sick before. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Life changing.’

Kelly Exposito

Tarsh is so very generous with her knowledge and I love the way she describes things, the tips she shares and the powerful combination of healing with coaching that she offers. Tarsh draws on a wealth of knowledge and experience and delivers it in such a warm and compassionate way. I have cleared some very old beliefs and have powerful new tools and information ready to move forward. Thank you Tarsh!

Jo Roberts Thompson

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