Tarsh Ashwin

Do you know how many times I hear new clients frustratingly say ‘I’m not signing any new clients in my business!!’

But then when I enquire further and ask about what marketing methods they are using, I hear – ‘none’.

We all know the importance of marketing in business – sharing our personality, our story, our thoughts, our life.

Client testimonials, business journeys, dreams and struggles.

This helps to build resonance with our audience. 

They start to FEEL our humanness and our passion. Thus starts the like/know/trust factor – essential for growing a service based business.


How many of us know the importance of doing this…

But we are Still. Not. Doing. It?

Maybe the prospect of showing up and being visible is scary. Too much.

Maybe we’d prefer to rely on WOM (word of mouth) referrals…

But is that systemised? Scaleable? Repeatable?

I’ve been stalled by inaction and procrastination so many times in the past. Usually a fear of some sort is running the show.


You have to get underneath these fears that are 100% keeping you playing small.

Keeping you from sharing your message.

Keeping you from reaching your soulmate clients (who are freaking LOOKING for you! You have the potential solution to their problem!!)

Fear of being visible? Fear of sounding arrogant? Fear of criticism and judgement from others? Fear of success? Fear of failure?

(So much fear we have to move through in business, huh?)

I’m here to encourage you to embody your inner Courageous Entrepreneur Warrior – feel your fear and take action anyway.

As an old mentor used to say – ‘sometimes you have to move faster than the speed of disbelief.’

Pull out your release tools – journaling, tapping, Sedona technique… so many wonderful tools you can do in your own time to help you shift your shit.

And, if you’re still not getting into action – hire some support. Make the investment… it is so worth it.

Someone who can hold you accountable to your goals.

Someone who is further along on the journey.. who can hold your hand, encourage you to take action, be with you to celebrate your wins and be a stand for your big vision when you’re feeling small…

Every single time I’ve made a big investment in my business has also coincided with big up-leveling, more income and greater impact.

And, so many times I’ve had to consciously realign back to courage. I believe it is the most important quality to cultivate in business.

So. Where can you take some courageous action in your biz?

What personal story can you share?

Who can you reach out to and start a conversation?

Can you publicly declare the mission you’re on? What you’re a stand for?

 Your prospects NEED to hear this. 

Ask yourself this question – ‘Who knows about me today that didn’t know about me yesterday?’

Do this consistently, with presence and vulnerability… and watch your tribe start to blossom around you.


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