Tarsh Ashwin

I was chatting with a client yesterday who mentioned that through the work we have done together, she has started to notice the releasing of her ‘good girl’ act.

She’s starting to swap being agreeable with being brave…

Being quiet with speaking up…

Being comfortable with being courageous…

I had an internal giggle as this is a path I have had to walk as well.

I believe this is a path that every female entrepreneur has to walk.

But society has programmed us to be obedient, cooperative, nice, helpful, pretty, good girls… all of these things that have earned us praise and love in the past.

And in business, that often looks like sacrificing our power for the good of others.

Toning ourselves down so we don’t appear ‘too much’ or ‘too intense’ or ‘too big for our boots’.

Sacrificing our profit because can’t bear the thought of marketing and selling (lest we appear arrogant or selfish!!)

But the thing that I know now to be true, with 9 years in business under my belt, is this…

If we’re going to fulfil the dream of a thriving business that has us profit from our soul work, we have to drop the Good Girl act.

We have to have the courage to BOLDLY share our message.

We have to do whatever work it takes to fall in love with the act of SELLING.

We have to learn how to dance with fear in all its forms – fear of judgement, criticism, rejection, abandonment, failure, success… whatever form your fear comes.

We have to stop questioning our instincts and needing other people’s permission.

Yes, you rising into your entrepreneurial power might piss some people off.

It happens.

The sooner you can be ok with that and not have that be a direct reflection on yourself, the better.

The Good Girl has no place in the world of Entrepreneurialism. 

Your inner Entrepreneurial Warrior – the fierce businesswoman who KNOWS her value, doesn’t stop to QUESTION her instincts, KNOWS what she wants and isn’t afraid to do WHATEVER it takes to get there…

She is needed now, more than ever.

Go call her forth… she’s waiting for your invitation.


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