Tarsh Ashwin

I have been in conversation with a mentor recently about the healing journey and why healing often isn’t enough. Just because you heal past trauma doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to stand more powerfully in your life. It doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to align to the version of you that is no longer caught in resistance. 

The version of you that no longer procrastinates… Or doubts yourself.. Or stays in self-destructive cycles or outdated coping mechanisms… It is very easy to get caught in the spiral of believing that we have to keep focused on healing the past…and that this will be the deciding factor that propels us forward. 

Yes, this is crucially important…and the healing journey will often inspire a yearning to make drastic change, to honour what your heart desires, to love and accept yourself more deeply and to align to deep empowerment. 

But if we want to enact real transformational change, I believe we must take this inspiration and push forward courageously into the future. We must anticipate our resistance and sabotage patterns and we must have tools and strategies to move beyond them in real time. 

 Healing the past is not enough. 

 I believe we need to have a big goal or dream or vision that beckons us forward so we can continue the process of challenging ourselves to move beyond comfort. I have come to understand that when I am comfortable I am often stagnating. 

Choosing to be courageous over comfortable… 

Brave over fearful… 

Vulnerable over defiant… 

Small choices we can make every day that keep us healing forward. 


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