Tarsh Ashwin


Providing a platform for spiritual entrepreneurs to share their story, message and mission with the world

The power of storytelling to grow heart-centred businesses that are committed to effecting transformational planetary change cannot be underestimated.

If your business is your soul work, you’re ready to share your story and message on the global stage and become a published, best-selling author… read on.

Over the last 3 years, I’ve helped over 200 entrepreneurs become published, bestselling authors with our various multi-author book projects. Participating in a multi-author book project gives you a powerful, embodied experience of becoming published without all the hard work behind the scenes.

Ashwin Publishing publishes multi-author and solo books for successful, conscious leaders, entrepreneurs & CEO’s who:

– Have an established, thriving business in the ‘transformation

space’ that generates proven results

– Believe that their business is their soul work that affects

positive planetary change

– Desire to quickly and effectively raise their platform and

credibility whilst building authority

– Want to dramatically amplify their message and voice and

differentiate themselves in their niche

– Wish to attract high-level speaking, writing and PR


– Want to catapult into their next level and beyond with ease

Embark on a transformative 6-phase Authorship journey

Get started on your journey by setting powerful intentions inside the Opening Circle. Define your vision for the book, articulate the mission and movement it supports, and understand its contribution in a greater context.
Uncover the Golden Thread linking your story to your transformational work. This process provides a profound understanding of your life’s journey, allowing you to weave a consistent thread through your messaging and storytelling, anchoring your content.
Take a hypnojourney guided by me to connect with your Book Guides, energies that help clear and activate your intuitive writing channel for your best storytelling.

With clarity in hand, it’s time to balance strategic and intuitive writing, ensuring your chapter speaks to your soulmate audience and magnetises them to your work.
Engage in live story-crafting and co-writing sessions, supported by a Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) re-coding to overcome writer’s block and unlock your creative flow.

After submitting your chapter, it undergoes detailed editing and formatting. Strategically, develop your Post Launch Promotions Plan to leverage the momentum and exposure generated during the launch. Conduct and intensive audit of your online presence, ensuring consistent branding and messaging.
Energetically, you will be supported with alchemy session on Integrating The Witch Wound and Releasing The Vow of Invisibility.

Celebrate the success of reaching international bestseller status together. Collaborate through the rollercoaster ride of launch week, supporting each other as our book baby is officially birthed.

Leverage your successful book launch for local and international PR. Learn to write a press release, secure speaking gigs or gain exposure on podcasts and sumits. Mastermind a unique strategy for your business to shine on the global stage. 

Take the stage! Develop your keynote presentation that spotlights your genius in our group Summit or Podcast. Authors have booked out their services months in advance and repurposed presentations as lead magnets for funnels, leveraging the power of being seen by the masses.

Past Book Projects

Meet the Founder:

Tarsh Ashwin


Tarsh is an International Best-Selling
Author, the CEO and Founder of Ashwin
Publishing, and Business Strategist for
soulful entrepreneurs.

She works with clients all over the world
to help them skyrocket their income by
sharing their message through published
works, rapidly grow their platform and
authority, and cultivate powerful
business strategies – without sacrificing
their health.
Her work is a bespoke fusion of inner
mindset work, energetic transformation
and outer strategy implementation that
paves the way to purposeful profit and
soul-satisfying impact.

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