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Hi there!

I’m Tarsh Ashwin – CEO & founder of Ashwin Publishing, Business Strategist & Energy Alchemist for soulful entrepreneurs.

Mama to Charlie and Harry, USA Today and 5 x Amazon bestselling author and publisher of 3 bestselling books, Wild Woman Rising, Sacred Rebel & Unapologetic.

My clients are starseeds, changemakers, visionaries, healers and disruptors who all have one thing in common – they know with every cell in their body that their business is a vehicle through which they deliver their soul work.

In some way, shape or form, they all change the world through their business.

I believe the world desperately needs more conscious leaders in positions of influence.

As a catalyst for liberation, I activate spiritual entrepreneurs to remember the deepest truth of their soul mission and fully claim their role as light leader so they can guide their community into The Great Awakening.

I first understood this to be my personal soul mission 12 years ago during a life-changing trip to South America. I had spontaneously dropped out of my politics degree at university and made the decision to travel to the Amazon to experience a shamanic ceremony and (hopefully) ‘find myself’. I was told that my role in this lifetime is to activate the transformation of humanity. A phrase that, at the time, completely and utterly bamboozled me. 

However, after a decade of synchronistic events, multiple healing certifications and modalities, three businesses and two babies, I now fully claim my personal role in assisting in the transformation and liberation of the collective.

It is no coincidence that you are alive at this precise point in history, supporting your clients to transform their lives, health or relationships. 

You are here to disrupt the outdated system.

To shatter paradigms.

I’m here to support you to activate your leadership codes, share your movement and message with the world and scale your spiritual enterprise to new heights.

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