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Hi, I’m Tarsh

As the CEO and founder of Ashwin Publishing, I provide a platform for leaders and entrepreneurs to share their message and story with the world, build authority and affect transformational global change.

You are a catalyst for transformation.

And you are ready to finally have your message and story heard on the global stage.

You’re ready to claim your next level of mastery, massively expand your network, and step into soul-aligned success.

As a publisher, business strategist and energetic therapist, I offer a unique combination of tools to help my clients grow their business, unleash their full power and prosper from their purpose.

Whether it’s through sharing your story in a book and becoming a best-selling author…

Diving deep with me in deep business strategy and coaching…

Or re-wiring old programming and energetic blocks that are keeping you stuck…

I’ve got you covered.

Are you ready to create miracles in your business?

Your next level is waiting for you.

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~ What Our Authors Are Saying ~

“Working with Tarsh in the Wild Woman Rising container was transformative and evolutionary for me and my business. Tarsh embodies a rare quality that makes you feel supported, mentored, and loved all at the same time. She knows her stuff and once you choose to work with her you choose to catapult into the stratosphere. My business has expanded exponentially as has my own growth. This entire process is hands down one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

Jules Stone McLeod – Reiki Master & Universal Channel – Facebook Page


“What a heartfelt, epic, transformative journey it has been saying yes to being part of our book Wild Women Rising. It was more than I could ever anticipate and was one of the best experiences in my life. Tarsh offers more than being just a publisher, her business and personal development knowledge is top-level, which Tarsh presented in her online sessions on many topics from how to write with intuition and strategy to more personal levels of transformative sessions. I have grown as a woman AND in business, and I felt completely nurtured every step of the way. The deep soul connections I made with our co-authors as my new soul sisters. I have so much gratitude for the whole experience and all the while showcasing my business and soul work. Being part of this multi-authored book has aligned me to my soul mate clients and my business is thriving. I am beyond grateful.”

Donna Burrows, Self-Love Mentor – Website


“Partaking in the Wild Woman Rising Project was an incredible experience. Working with Tarsh enabled me to CLAIM my authority and truly embrace my soul purpose. Tarsh really is exceptional at what she does, which isn’t just publish books and stories. She pulls out the ‘you’ to share and inspire the reader, and creates a transformational container to nurture you through the process. This experience has changed EVERYTHING. I have clients now drawn to me and my work. There’s alignment and this is just the beginning.”

Tara-Lee Bagnall, Yoga Teacher – Website



Women Who Dare To Disrupt

Ashwin Publishing's second mult-author book, Sacred Rebel, launched internationally on Friday 14th May and charted in 12 best-seller categories across Australia and the USA.

This book shares the stories and transmissions of powerful leaders and entrepreneurs who are all on the leading edge in their field. They are the ones called to guide the way into the New Earth. Their mission is to deconstruct the outdated programming and belief systems that have kept humanity locked in a paradigm of fear and distrust. They initiate new codes of awakening within those who are ready.

They walk the path of Sacred Disruption and leave a legacy of transformation in their wake.


Brave women who carved their own path

Ashwin Publishing’s first multi-author book was officially launched on 29th January 2021 and charted at number 1 on Amazon in 5 different categories across Australia, USA and UK.

This powerful book contains the stories of 27 entrepreneurial women who all explore what it takes to bravely carve your own path in life.

These women have stepped fully into their personal and entrepreneurial power, have listened to the whispers of their soul and are now facilitating life-changing, transformational results with their clients the world over.

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