Tarsh Ashwin

Coaching Terms & Conditions & Client Agreement

Please read these terms carefully as they are a binding legal contract, and we suggest downloading a copy for your records.


My Responsibility:

It is Tarsh Ashwin’s priority that you feel connected and supported throughout this deep journey, even when you are facing challenges or moving through any perceived limitations. Tarsh Ashwin will lovingly hold space for your highest potential. In addition to this, you will be challenged and activated when needed and it is part of Tarsh Ashwin’s role as your coach and mentor to discern when you need listening to and when you need a (loving) kick up the bum.

You will be supported the entire way, safe in the knowledge that your confidence will grow with dedicated application of courageous forward movement and action.



Business can be our biggest and greatest personal development process. There is nothing like taking our work global, setting income goals and being visible to confront your fears and resistance.

Your primal self, in an effort to keep you safe from perceived threats, can throw curveballs in your way, try to make you doubt yourself and sabotage your goals.

This is normal and part of the process. And, this is why Tarsh Ashwin is here and what she will be watching for. It is her role as your coach and mentor to help you identify your unique brand of resistance patterns, predict them and help instil in you strategies for when they arise.

Helping you work through your fears is part of the service Tarsh Ashwin offers. Times like these are excellent opportunities for massive growth and self-development.

If you are really struggling in any way, please communicate with Tarsh BEFORE your crisis point. Before the subconscious mind constructs events that keep you from your sessions, planned implementation time or any tasks we set up for you to complete.

Upon completion of this caching program, further coaching will be offered to you should you wish to continue with the momentum we have generated together.



Tarsh Ashwin cannot guarantee any specific results from this service.

Results are dependent on a huge range of factors including market demand (which cannot always be predicted), to how quickly you embody your message, to how well you master copy or sales conversations, to your integration of and application of strategy on a daily basis.

What Tarsh does guarantee is that she will show up with her total presence and commitment to helping you master the mindset for success, craft campaigns and offers and grow your business.

It is Tarsh’s role to support you in moving forward, integrating the healing and clearings and apply strategy. She does expect ACTION. If Tarsh feels action isn’t being taken on your end, she will engage you in conversation to discern what blocks are arising and help you process and clear those blocks so you can get back into flow in your business.

Please note, Tarsh cannot refund if the outcomes you achieve during our work together do not meet your hopes or expectations.


Your Responsibilities:

Tarsh Ashwin expects that you turn up to our sessions on time, in a quiet, distraction-free space and on your computer or laptop. Please refrain from using a phone or iPad unless you absolutely have to. If you turn up late to a session, Tarsh will still finish at the designated time.

Tarsh takes no personal responsibility for your physical safety in our work together. You are responsible for providing your own safe working environment, whether Tarsh’s service is delivered in person or via zoom.
she cannot be held liable for any injury caused by your engaging with equipment in your space.

Any damage to persons or equipment that occurs during your learning, work in your business is your responsibility.

If you have any concerns about how embodying a new paradigm and creating your dream business may impact your mental, emotional or physical wellbeing, please consult your mental health professional or health care provider before committing to the program and again before we commence work.

If you have a mental health care plan with a provider, please inform Tarsh ASAP so that she is aware.


Limitation of Liability:

You agree to indemnify Tarsh Ashwin (hold her blameless) for any injury or illness that you might suffer or any damage or loss that might occur while you are working together. If you have any doubts at all about any issue that might arise, you agree that you will conduct your own research and make your own fully informed decision about what is best for you.

In no event shall Tarsh Ashwin be liable to you for costs, loss or damage of any kind arising out of or related to this Agreement or the services provided in relation to it. If this clause is unenforceable for any reason, Tarsh’s total cumulative liability for all causes of action of any kind shall not exceed the total amount you have paid her for her services.



Collection of confidential information

In order for this work to serve your business, Tarsh Ashwin will need to collect information about your financial situation, business goals and your current strategy.

Any information collected by Tarsh is done so for the highest good of your business’ outcomes and the quality of the work you create together. It gives you both clarity and shows us what you are working with and towards.

All information collected by Tarsh Ashwin is completely confidential and all session notes will be kept in a locked cabinet. Tarsh will be the only person witnessing these notes.

If you are happy to provide a testimonial that outlines your income changes intangible figures, this is greatly appreciated. It empowers others to understand what is actually possible with this work while celebrating your success


Delivery of Services:

If you have organized online sessions, please meet Tarsh in her Zoom room, the link is: https://zoom.us/j/2608157311

Please save this link somewhere easily accessible.


Refund Policy:

Tarsh Ashwin does not offer a refund for services and time already accrued. If you decide to pull out of your work together, she is happy to discuss discontinuing payment on a case-by-case basis.

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